Dusk & Dawn is the instrumental version of some of the legendary and renowned songs in the Indian film industry. The significance of these pieces is the fast rhythm of contemporary music adored by today's generation with a pinch of melodious 80's to 90's, hence the title "Dusk & Dawn" followed by the New Age Instrumentals.

There are 10 titles in the album with reasonably faster background while ensuring the sanctity of melody intact.

I composed these tracks on Yamaha PSR 295 during mid-2012.

Making of arroyo

The journey of ARROYO from Concept to Reality took 5 months.

After the "Click" of creating music for Rivers, there were many bumps on the way, viz. selecting the rivers, understanding the moods, twists & turns of those rivers, the history , type of music etc.

There was another challenge to create each of the track consisting of the feeling of river flow (from source to destination), stitching of regional music with fast-paced background and the usage of "transition" from one mood to the other. Each of the track was to carry the entire history alongside.

The attached video provides a glimpse to the wonderful journey I undertook, which changed my own perspective as well.

Nature Paintings by Sanju

Sanju has been living in China from the past 7+ years. After working in the Insurance industry for ~15 years, she decided to pursue her passion to paint the life, environment and culture. After moving to China, she did a lot of work in Chinese Calligraphy, Oil and Water Color paintings and also some rare Chinese art. She is Shreya's mother.

Dusk & Dawn Tracks
The Magic in Your Eyes…Jaadu Teri Nazar
Over the Blue Sky…Neelay Neelay Ambar Par
Dance Over a Chance…Dance Pe Chance
Laila O' Laila…Laila Main Laila
O' My Honey…Dilbara
A Tale of Two Words…Do Lafzon Ki Hai
Try Harder…Dum Maro Dum
Enough is Enough…Tauba Tauba
O My Loving Heart…Yeh Mera Dil
Touching My Heart…Chookar Mere Man Ko
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