Shreya Singh

At the age of 5, my fingers for the first time felt the touch of the keys on a Casio Keyboard. Then in 2006, my family moved to China, which was another step moving forward my musical journey when I started composing music on Yamaha Motif XF8.

As I graduated from Dalian American International School, Dalian, China, I moved to Durham, North Carolina. I studied Electrical & Computer Engineering at Duke University. After graduating from Duke, I joined Esri at Redlands, California and am now working as a Software Development Engineer.

I am deeply connected to our environment and observe the beauty and challenges together. I have been actively involved in environmental protection activities, especially Water. While studying US History in my 10th Grade, I started thinking about the Rivers and their impact on our civilization. I thought of River Water as the global resource which belongs to everyone in the world. Thus, ARROYO took shape and sound.

ARROYO is not just a collection of music. It is the Global Voice to appreciate our Rivers and protect Water. Without Rivers and Water, there is no life.