Duke H2O

I founded the student organization H2O in Duke Univeristy. Duke H2O is a student organization founded at Duke University. H2O strives to raise awareness about the Water Crisis by conducting out-reaching programs and working in technology for water quality protection. H2O conducted out-reach programs in a local school, George Watts of 300 students, at Durham, NC. Eventually, the plan is to conduct out-reach programs throughout the United States and worldwide.

Duke University Mobile Application Development Club

I am one of the co-founders of the Mobile Development Club. The Mobile App development club aims to develop and create Android and iOS apps that fulfill community needs. Our purpose is to train new members in application development and improve our own programming skills. We hope to gather suggestions for applications ideas from not only the student body but also the rest of the community.

Building Board of Education Robot

As part of an Electrical and Computer Engineering project, I created a robot that was able to perform several tasks. The robot acted as a “judge” in a robotics Olympic Games. As the judge, it was able to determine the score: silver, gold, or bronze by travelling a certain path and detecting the object that represented a certain score. Additionally, the robot was able to communicate scores with other robots and display the overall calculated score on an LCD screen that was placed on the robot. There were several sensors that were added and coded into the robot using the Arduino software. It was a fun experience to build the robot and eventually make it perform the desired tasks and communicate efficiently with other robots.

Energy Smart Campus

Dalian American International School (DAIS) was building a new campus for the Elementary School at the existing campus in Jinshitan, Golden Pebble Beach, Dalian, China. DAIS is always supportive of the innovative ways to optimize energy resources as well as spreading awareness among the youngsters.

I undertook a research project – Energy Smart Campus that explore the energy generation and energy conservation of the new building.

Energy Smart Campus focuses on the two aspects of the new building – Energy Saving by installing energy efficient Fenestration Products (such as windows); Energy Generation by installing Solar Panels. By introducing these two aspects of Energy, we shall turn our campus to Energy Smart Campus.

As part of the project, I worked with solar panel companies and industrial experts who assisted me with the development of product and procurement checklists, capacity calculations, and installation guides. Our school implemented my solution and installed the solar panels.

Awareness Reach-Out Program 2014

An Environmental Awareness Reach-Out program for schools in Dalian, China, was organized during the time of Earth Day 2014, named as the Earth Week. Students conducted educational workshops consisting of games, quizzes, presentations, etc. to enhance water protection awareness about water conservation. We went to Dalian No. 24 High School and Maple Leaf International School to carry out our awareness program. THIRST-NGO trained us to become certified facilitators of running water awareness workshops around China.

We covered 1,600 students in the program in total. arroyo music was also widely distributed among the students. It was very engaging to spread the message of saving water to even a larger audience.

World Youth Economic Forum 2014

During the summer of 2014, Shreya Singh participated in the World Youth Economic Forum, a four-day conference held in Shanghai where university and high school students assemble and discuss issues of global economic importance: issues that the current leaders in finance, economics, and commerce strive to find solutions for. The World Youth Economic Forum is hosted by ASDAM from the UK and Global Undergraduate Economic Forum based at Yale University, Ivy Leagues and other higher education institutions.

The forum is divided into 11 committees and Shreya Singh was in the Sustainable Infrastructure and Real Estate Development Committee. The committee aimed to create policy solutions to the issues that plague cities, and also focused on how to accommodate for the growth of cities without negatively impacting the environment.

The experience of attending this forum was valuable as it provided a real life scenario of how policy makers craft decisions and the complicated steps that must be taken. Compromise and responsibility are the two key aspects that should be considered before resolving any issues. Whose responsibility is it after all?

Towards the end of the conference, each committee designed a White Paper, which provided concrete solutions to the issues that the committees tackled. It was interesting to collaborate, debate and interact with students from all over the world.

Washington Youth Summit on the Environment 2014

During the summer of 2014, Shreya Singh also attended the six-day Washington Youth Summit on the Environment in Fairfax, Virginia. The event, attended by 250 High School delegates, was hosted by the National Geographic Society, George Mason University, and Smithsonian National Zoo. During the event, participants were given an opportunity to dialogue with distinguished faculty, nationally and internationally recognized speakers, and have direct access to elite D.C. practitioners.

During the Summit, Shreya and many other students were delighted to interact with aspiring environmentalists and share common goals about the environment. It was inspiring to see the passionate work of people like Mayor Chavez, one of most dynamic mayors in USA, Gina McCarthy of Environmental Protection Agency, Stephanie Meadows of American Petroleum Institute, Andrew Williams of Environmental Defense Fund and many other individuals dedicated on making a difference in the world. Simulations, panel discussions, and lectures were also held to discuss some of the major environmental issues.

One of the major emphases during this Summit was that the future of world lies in the hands of the Youth. It is up to us take initiatives and make a difference in the world.

Earth Day 2013

A full day event in April-2013 with all the students of Dalian American International School with parents, consisting of environmental awareness activities, fun-games and quiz programs.

An NGO – THIRST was also invited for Water awareness activities and formation of the human- Dragon (400+ participants) to represent water protection in China.

The impact on students and teachers was stronger and long lasting. Younger students started thinking about usage of water in their daily lives and also made an effort to make the whole school as Water Smart School.

The Earth Day event has been organized in Dalian American International School, China since 2011. If you wish to organize the similar event, the attached PDF document would be a good reference. Click here for pdf document.

Yellow Sea Beach Clean-up

The Beach Cleanup is a collaborative event organized by the students of Dalian American International School, China. The core objective of the program is to enhance the awareness among the nearby schools in Golden Pebble Beach area (Yellow Sea) and the community about the scale and serious consequences of the beach debris.

It is also the first step of every year to ensure the residents of Golden Pebble Beach area can enjoy a cleaner coastal environment. The activity provides a great opportunity to the students of the school of Dalian American International School to interact with students from the Chinese local school, to make new friends, and to practice their oral Chinese and English skill.

The Beach Clean-up event has been organized in Dalian American International School, China since 2011. If you wish to organize the similar event, the attached PDF document would be a good reference. Click here for pdf document.

WE (Water Experience) Week with THIRST and UNESCO at Beijing, China 2013

A 3-day event organized by THIRST and supported by UNESCO and Indi Tex consisting of Water Conservation seminars, largest human-dragon formation in the world (as confirmed by the Guinness Book Of World Records) and Business/ Environment Leader’s Roundtable with students, national media and virtual participants from China in November, 2013. Shreya was one among the six panelists during the Leader’s roundtable and a key member of all the other activities.

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