About arroyo

A River is the most significant source of water. All major civilizations evolved along the bank of the rivers throughout the world. Our lives shaped up as the rivers kept flowing. Art, music, dance, literature, theatre, food and shelter poured more meaning to the river water. During the journey, borders and boundaries divided the rivers and sadly, the blood spilled in the water too. The river still flows on.

arroyo is a droplet which strives to bring Seven Great Rivers of the world together as tributaries to a Global River in the form of music. It is an effort to offer voice to the common element of our rivers – Water. The seven rivers flow in all the geographies of the world – Mississippi, Nile, Amazon, Ganges, Congo, Danube and Yangtze.

This work of music is to appreciate and pay tributes to the great rivers of the world which shaped the entire humanity. The music is a unique fusion of local music specific to region where the river flows and medium & fast paced background with river water sounds. Each of the track provides a feeling of a global excursion through the River