arroyo is an instrumental music album which combines Seven Great Rivers of the world into a Global Musical River. This work of music is to appreciate and pay tributes to the great rivers of the world which shaped the entire humanity.

It is unique fusion of local music specific to region where the river flows and medium & fast paced background with river water sounds. Each of the track provides the feeling of a global excursion thru the river.

Shreya Singh has conceptualized & created this music in the public interest to enhance the awareness of water protection in the world.

The word "ARROYO" is the synonym of River

Shreya Singh

I am studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University in Durham, NC, United States. It has been 4 years since… Read More

Launch, Distribution and Impact

arroyo was launched on Sept 09, 2013 at Beijing, China along with THIRST and the attendees of the World Economic Forum. Since then, the album has been distributed freely among schools, corporate executives, UNESCO leaders etc.… Read More

arroyo Tracks
Mississippi…Twain' s Life on the Mississippi
Nile…The longest lifeline at Sahara
Amazon…Amazonas becomes the keeper of world's water
Ganges…Lord Shiva brings Ganga from the Heaven to the Earth
Congo…Chambeshi gives rise to Congo to meet Atlantic
Danube…From Black Forest to the Black Sea
Yangtze…Chang Jiang's Journey to the East
Bonus Track…
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